Super Sport Glue
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Super Sport Glue

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Our Super Sports Glue is the newest addition to our amazing line of lash adhesives. Available in 5ML.

Key features: Anti-allergy, Waterproof, Oil free, 90 day Retention!

For Best Results:

  • Before use; shake well for only 1 minute.

  • Set it on the counter for about 30 secs.

  • Use the pin provided to prick the tip. To avoid the pressure burst , turn the pin and slowly remove it from the tip.

  • Turn the bottle 45 degree and allow the glue to settled at tip, then lightly pinch the bottle to draw the glue. Recommend 1-2 drops.

  • After drawing the glue, wipe off the residues

  • Pin it again, give it a turn, then remove the pin and cap it off.
For professionally trained lash artist due to quick set time of .5 seconds.

Semi Permanent application only.

Each bottle produces up to 150 drops.

Setting time: .5-1 second.

Latex Free.

Retention: 6-7 weeks

Color: Black

Humidity: 20-75% (best used in 55%)

Temperature: Best used in 74° - 78° Fahrenheit 

Shelf time: 6 months after opened, 8 months unopened

Storage: Store in a cool, dark, and dry place for prolonged shelf life, it is better to put in the fridge around 5-15 ℃

    Ethyl Cyanoacrylate
    Poly (methacrylate)
    Carbon Black