Sport Lash Volume Glue
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Sport Lash Volume Glue

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Ready. Set. Go. The setting time of Sport Lash Volume Pro Adhesive is just one second, which is 3x faster than standard lash adhesive.

Each application lasts up to 6-7 weeks. You can confidently tell new and old customers to expect a full month-and-a-half of perfect lashes that can handle any condition.

Each bottle produces up to 150 droplets. Recommend 1-2 drops per client.

Sports, showers, and swims are no problem with this mighty water-resistant adhesive. Giving you long-lasting power. 

Sport Lash Volume Pro Adhesive has an extremely low odor to ensure a pleasant client experience. Glue contains No Latex which means more customers can use your services without fear of an allergic reaction. 


For best results:

Before you draw the glue, shake the glue well for 1 minute once every morning.

  • Set it on the counter for about 30 secs.

  • Use the pin provided to prick the tip. To avoid the pressure burst , turn the pin and slowly remove it from the tip.

  • Turn the bottle 45 degree and allow the glue to settled at tip, then lightly pinch the bottle to draw the glue. Recommend 1-2 drops

  • After drawing the glue, wipe off the residues

  • Pin it again, give it a turn, then remove the pin and cap it off.

Semi Permanent application only. *Not recommended for use with falsies or cluster lash. 

Setting time: .5-1 second.

Latex Free.

Retention: 6-7 weeks.

Color: Black.

Humidity: 20-75% (best used in 45-55%)

Temperature: Best used in 16°- 33° Celsius ( 68° - 72° Fahrenheit )

Shelf time: 6 months after opened, 8 months when not opened.

Storage: Store in a cool, dark, and dry place for prolonged shelf life, it is better to put in the fridge around 5-15 ℃.

    Ingredients: Ethyl 2-Cyanoacrylate, Poly-methyl methacrylate, Carbon black.