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The perfect at home Kit to practice applying your own lashes.
Included in this kit:
  • Curved Tweezer: Crane Curved Tweezers 12cm x 1cm.
  • Cluster flare lashes - Short 
  • Cluster flare lashes - Medium
  • Cluster flare lashes - Long 
  • Foam Lash Cleanser: The cleanser is created for eyelash extensions, it is foaming and can also be used as a makeup brush cleanser.
  • Gel Remover: The remover is used to remove professional eyelash extensions glue.
  • Our Glamour Glue has a drying time of 6-8 seconds. None fume / irritant and best used for sensitive skin. *Do not get it in your eyes* 
    Humidity 40-75%
    Temperature 15-35℃
  • Lash Stand: Silicon pad use to hold eyelashes.
  • Mascara wands - 25ct: The wand head mimics the natural curl of the lashes while the purpose of the comb is to prevent clumps from occurring.
  • Mini Dip Adhesive Cups - 75ct: Helps prolong glue usage during each client session.
  • Micro Brushes - 50ct: The fine tip of the micro brush allows you to isolate a specific area without touching the other lashes and without wasting product.

Watch our videos for more info.

DIY tutorial: A step by step process that gives you the confidence to applying your lashes at home.